Todas las figuras Hentai de Native disponibles en


Todas las figuras Hentai de Native disponibles en


  • Original Character -...

    47.500,00 JPY
  • Original Character -...

    42.600,00 JPY
  • Original Character -...

    25.350,00 JPY

    The much awaited Queen by Siokonbu, Margarethe, is here to usurp your throne!


    Highly acclaimed illustrator Siokonbu has prepared us a Rocket Body perfectly suited for a Queen in the form of Margarethe. Also featured in Comic Bavel as their Cover Illustration!

    Margarethe is worth to marvel at due to her perfectly rated 18/18 destructive booba, booty, and thicc thighs! 


    Mararethe's face has been perfectly recreated in accordance to Siokonbu's original illustration!

    With that sexy expression, all eyes are on her! 

  • Original Character -...

    40.500,00 JPY

    2nd Original Bunny Girl by sakiyamama. Starring Mio Blue!


    sakiyamama has designed us another captivating Original Bunny Girl, Mio Blue, to get those Balls rolling... !!


    Mio is wrapped in a glittery and flashy bunny suit which makes her the perfect party present! 

    The mixture of blue and gold further accentuates her gorgeous look.

    Flexing them beautiful body proportions and sweet provocative smile, Mio will make your everyday livelier and enjoyable!

    Mio is a bustling 1/4 scale figure and those net tights have been specified to keep you partyin' day by day.

  • Original Character -...

    30.000,00 JPY

    Ishikei has outdone it again with Chie in a daring leaned back pose!

    "I want to be particular with her posing" was Ishikei's passionate desire when making the illustration.

    Chie Bridge Pose Ver. is the result of this ambition.

    Fabric only covers a miniscule of Chie's body. 

    Nevertheless, just one glance is all it takes...

    That one glance will leave an impact larger than the 3rd and we guarantee that you won't stop looking at Chie.

  • Original Character -...

    37.700,00 JPY

    Entry for the latest Sailor Bunny designed by Mana Kakkowarai!


    Let us introduce Mana Kakkowarai's original illustration "Mimia" reproduced as a scale figure!
    Donning a ponytail, ever-energetic Mimia adores accessories especially heart-shaped ones.
    Exquisite fondness to color pink is quite obvious upon seeing through Mimia's School Uniform.
    No wonder, Mimia is that "student" packed with Moe up the butt!
    Realistic-looking Sailor uniform and tights are actually made out of real fabric.
    In addition, Mimia can be cast-off! 
    Now you can pose Mimia with all those provacative poses you have in mind! 
  • Original Character -...

    23.500,00 JPY

    Yuuki Nanase, Original Character by Monda is asserting dominance as a scale figure!

    Futa among Futas, Monda's original character, Yuuki Nanase has become the talk of the town.

    This succubus is such a badass cutie, reproduced with loaded "assets" while bearing the classic succubus outfit.


    A swell body should of course come with a charming face.

    Yuuki Nanase includes accessories such as a cute devil familiar, pre-owned condoms that were filled to the brim like there's no tomorrow... and etc.

  • Nekopara - Maple -...

    38.500,00 JPY

    Delivering the 2nd daughter of Minazuki household!!

    From the very adorable and wholesome Visual Novel series depicting humanoid cats and their daly lives, "Nekopara".
    Maple, the second daughter of the Minazuki cat sisters, 
    is now available as a 1/4 scale figure along with Cinnamon which means double the trouble for wallet-kun!
    The illustration drawn by Sayori has been brought into life as a reproduced 3Dimensional scale figure.
  • Nekopara - Cinnamon -...

    37.500,00 JPY

    Offering you the 3rd daughter of Minazuki household!


    From the very adorable and wholesome Visual Novel series depicting humanoid cats and their daly lives, "Nekopara".

    Cinnamon, the third daughter of the Minazuki cat sisters, is now available in a 1/4 scale figure.


    The illustration drawn by Sayori has been brought into life as a reproduced 3Dimensional scale figure.


    Similar to her twin sisters, Cinnamon's Patisserie La Soleil uniform is made out of actual cloth.

    The fluffy skirt, apron, pannier, etc., are realistically reproduced with the texture to match its source material.

    The figure has been further refined based on the detailed supervision in regards to the form and details of her clothing.

  • Doukyuusei - Sakuragi...

    34.500,00 JPY

    Another one of our Main Heroines from that Legendary Visual Novel has arrived!


    Considered as the pyramid of all Galges, "Dokyuusei" has been reborn in the Reiwa Era as "Dokyuusei Remake".

    One of its heroines is the brilliant, graceful, and aspiring classmate, Mai Sakuragi.

    Another best girl gets a 1/4 scale figure!

  • Original Character -...

    26.200,00 JPY

    Legend among Legends, Give way to tights connoisseur Yom's latest Scale Figure.


    Be it manga, anime, illustration, or any form of media, its our favourite tights preacher's turn to pass down OUR religion to generations to come!


    Yom's fans usually dream of abnormal situations such as alpha women stepping down on them and giving them disdainful look.

    We crave for those tights enveloped legs oozing with humid & warmness, freshly taken off from her shoes, and just a few centimeters away from that first contact.


  • Bountiful Year -...

    68.500,00 JPY

    Pave way for Moehime Union's mascots as they wish us a good year!! 


    Original illustration by erotically acclaimed illustrator Xin and co-produced by Solarain.

    We offer you the official mascots of "Moehime Union", Yuri-chan and Stella-chan both in 1/4 scale!


    The scene presented in the original illustration takes its inspiration from the origin of "Fai Chun" and how the practice of writing one on Chinese New Year started.

    The Qi Pao scantily clads both girls, but with an impeccable amount of exposure seducing us their tender juicy assets.

    Yuri-chan and Stella-chan's glamorous bodies were carefully modeled to leave an everlasting impact that'll make you want to display them as your Fai Chun for more Chinese New Years to come...