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  • PC - Parallel Akiba...


    A nerdy and help-specialized game creator hero who was suddenly summoned to another world.
    It was a fantasy world of swords and magic, and I was able to save the world by defeating the Demon King with a group of heroes.
    However, according to the goddess who summoned the hero,
    instead of being unable to return to the original world, she decided to summon her room full of otaku goods.

    The protagonist
    comes up with the idea of ​​establishing a creator training school in order to create Akihabara in a different world while continuing daily screenings and impression discussions in his room .
    Can the hero realize that dream with the heroines of a group of brave men who are completely dyed in otaku culture by daily missions ...?

  • PC - Aikagi 3

    The love story of a friendly senior and a junior who likes teasing over "Aikagi" It starts.

  • PC - Amayui Labyrinth...


    "Amayui Labyrinth Meister" is a tactical SRPG work using the conventional Meister system.

    Heaven Yui Castle Meister to start the capture by selecting the labyrinth to explore in the same manner as".

    Other factors such as invisible rooms and moving terrain also play a major role in the difficulty of capture.

    In the labyrinth exploration, a new "Union Party" will be implemented in which two people form a party using the power of bonds, and the number of units participating in the battle will increase synergistically.
    Also, while exploring, there are elements such as collecting materials scattered in the labyrinth, defeating enemies and collecting items.

  • PC - Nest making...

  • PC - Nest making Karin...

  • PC - Tsundere DraCsuicide


    Video Game

    PRE-ORDER - RELEASE ON 2021/07

  • PC - After school...


    Video Game

    PRE-ORDER - RELEASE ON 2021/07

  • PC - Eternal Campanella