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Here it Comes!

You decided that had enough with your hand and need more to give you the pleasure you deserve and you a new toy but you are not feeling comfortable going to a sexshop next to your house? You should try onaholes. Oh Yes!,  a lot of people feel embarrasse to enter in this kind of shop, which is  why we are here in the first place ! With the huge variety of sex shops online, you have to choose one that offers good products quality. It can be hard to find a good quality product when you can’t try it or touch it. In this case, Kimochiishop.com is the reference for buying interesting, funny and robust toys.

A onahole is it any Good ?

You keep wondering if having a onahole is any different from using your hand, right ? Okay,let's give you a few reasons to try it. Onaholes are artificial vaginas, which means it wraps your gear entirely. If you use lotion, you’ll feel like you are in a real vagina, with suction in and out, it is truly amazing!


Getting a onahole is like choosing a girl! You have many different types, different sizes and  different feelings. You can have onaholes that give the pleasure of a vagina like “Daisuki Hold”, but also onaholes that make the sensation of a very wet mouth, or of an anus like “minamisan no oshiri !”. Everyone can dream of having a different experience each night right ? And for that, no need to be romantic, no need to be afraid to be rejected: only pleasure. You have all the goods without the bads it is the perfect toy!


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