The dildo is a phallic object that both men and women can use. Our numerous models offer a huge diversity of forms, colours, textures, and different modes that will create pleasure variations during your enjoyment, for vaginal penetration and anal.


The vibrating dildo is a long time practice! It helps women coming by stimulating her vagina and her clitoris. The vibrating frequency is perfect to increase the pleasure for a powerful and efficient orgasm. If the vibrations arouse you, the Dream Nine is made for you. More than a classical vibrator, it has little balls on the sides that will scrub the sides of your vagina. Moreover, the Dildo has a similar movement to sexual act, which will bring you to heaven!


Dildos are like humans: every one is different, unique, and has its own personality. Our Website offers a vibrator for each request, and also the most realistic than you can find on the market: Motto, Chodai Yukari. On the opposite, you have the Joynt Vibe or the Joynt Rabbit. A lot of our products are also non vibrant, for a natural stimulation and penetration. If you want to find that, you have the Beauty Line range, which is made in glass: a sensitive material to temperature and will help you to have torrid sensations and cold bites.


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    Male Corn Dildo

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  • Xenoquaker - Pink

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  • Hippo love machine


    The hippo love machine is a piston machine developed for ease of use and more natural and deep pleasure in terms of shape, function, weight, etc. You can control 7 speeds + random mode with a recommon controller dedicated to
    7 types of luxury pistons.


  • Piston Dildo Yasa Otoko

  • High tension pump Dildo

  • Tsurunko Kuriji Yori

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