Pre orders payment are required immediately upon placing your order

You can pay your pre order by 

- Credit card

A pre order can be paid with the following currency

Yen, USD, Euro, GBP,

For orders involving an already release product (stock item) and a pre order product

Please note that the order will only be ship when the pre order product is released

If you wish to have the stock product ship first please place 2 different orders so the pre order is not included.

We do not accept cancellation for pre orders.

The Buy now Pay later Option

Buy now pay later allows you to reserve a product and to pay it at a later time

This option is only available for the following pre order products 

- Figures

- Video Games

- Onaholes 

To enjoy this option please select a product (with this option available) and when at the payment method page please select the option Buy now pay later

Please note that not all pre order products have this option and some will require an immediate payment.

When placing a buy now pay later order 

You will receive a confirmation email. A deadline is set for the payment of a pay later product, you will receive a reminder email for the deadline.

Deadline can differ depending of the products 

Figures and Video Games will have a deadline that can be as close as 2 weeks before the release of the product.

For onahole the deadline will be one day before the release of the product. 


When placing a buy now pay later order with multiple products that have this option 

The full payment will be required for the deadline of the first released product of the order.

If the payment is not fulfill by the first deadline the order will be fully cancelled

Payment of a Buy now Pay later order

To pay a buy now pay later order after placing the order please go in your account and select the Buy now pay later section

Find the order you want to process the payment for and click on the button “Pay”

This will take you to the payment method page in the check out and all you have to do is to check the option you want and process the payment.


When placing an order with a buy now pay later product and a normal pre order product or a stock product the payment of this order will be immediately required.

To enjoy the buy now pay later option please only select product that have this option


We normally do not accept cancellation of any kind of orders

We can make an exception for buy now pay later order in the event that we are notified early, around a month before the release of the order you wish to cancel.

Please note that we can only cancel the full order and not just one product in the order.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our customer service directly