List of products by brand G Project

  • Pururun Tennen Oppai NEO

  • Onahole - Hon Mono MK II

  • Onahole - Kurouto Hole

  • Onahole - Goku Tama...

  • Next generation HOLE...

  • Onahole - Coromo Ibo

  • Onahole - Kurouto Hole SK

  • Onahole - Hon - Mono Hip

  • Onahole - Kuru Kuru 11

  • Kuu Hip Cushion


    It is a cushion ver of a doll with a nice human skin and buttocks that is easy to use. It is an infinite butt that can be used to enjoy various positions. The cushion is smooth and fluffy, and the addictive soft hips are outstandingly comfortable to touch! The comfortable texture and firm elasticity touch the skin and make you feel comfortable and dreamy. Equipped with a voice module that makes your daughter cute with your piston! The lively voice that makes the sexual desire runaway is played randomly, and you can experience the delusional real etch that you can feel even with your ears.

  • Onahole - Kurouto Hole HD

  • Onahole - Hon Mono...